Top Ten Reasons To Use Phakisa

Phakisa describes its services as "solutions that make business sense," perfectly encapsulating its client-centric approach. We discover the top ten reasons to partner with Phakisa.
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Phakisa Holdings is a leading business services provider in South Africa that offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help businesses enhance their operations and achieve their goals.

With over 20 years of experience, the company has built a reputation for providing reliable, efficient, and effective services. Phakisa describes its services as “solutions that make business sense,” perfectly encapsulating its client-centric approach. We discover the top ten reasons to partner with Phakisa.

1. Wide Range Of Services

Phakisa Holdings provides a comprehensive range of business services, including staffing solutions, training, consulting, and recruitment. These services help businesses enhance their operational efficiency and improve their bottom line. With a wide range of services, companies can access tailored solutions to their unique needs.

These services include risk management, contract management and operational supervision.

2. Experience

With over 20 years of experience, Phakisa has established itself as a business service leader. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for providing reliable, efficient, and effective services. Experience is invaluable in helping businesses navigate complex business challenges and achieve their goals.

3. Highly Qualified Team

Highly qualified professionals with extensive industry experience. The team includes experts in human resources, management consulting, training, and recruitment. A highly-qualified team means businesses can access diverse expertise to help them achieve their goals.

The team assists with HR administration, staff recruitment and the full spectrum of employee relations management.

4. Innovative Solutions

Phakisa is committed to providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses. The company leverages cutting-edge technology and best practices to provide solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Their solutions ensure companies can stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing market dynamics.

5. Commitment To Quality

Providing high-quality services that meet the highest standards. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means it adheres to strict quality management practices. This commitment to quality ensures businesses can rely on Phakisa Holdings to deliver services that meet their expectations.

Health and safety systems, consulting services, and employee screening and loss investigation are included.

6. Client-Centric Approach

Dedicated to providing services tailored to each client’s needs. The company takes a client-centric approach, which means it works closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and goals. The client-centric system ensures clients receive relevant, practical, and effective solutions.

7. Strong Industry Relationships

Phakisa has established strong relationships with industry players, including government agencies, trade associations, and private sector organisations. These relationships enable the company to stay abreast of industry trends and best practices and access valuable resources and networks that benefit its clients.

8. Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion

Phakisa Holdings is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The company recognises the importance of creating a work environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and respectful of different backgrounds and perspectives. Commitment is reflected in the company’s policies, practices, and culture.

Excellent employee relations are important to Phakisa. They have expertise in worker representative meetings, disciplinary enquiries and grievance procedures. Employee relations include employee wellness through financial services, provident funds and funeral cover.

9. Social Responsibility

A company committed to positively impacting the communities where it operates. The company supports various social responsibility initiatives, including education and skills development programs, environmental sustainability, and community outreach. By working with Phakisa Holdings, businesses can contribute to these initiatives and demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility.

10. Competitive Pricing

Phakisa offers competitive pricing for its services, meaning businesses can access high-quality solutions without breaking the bank. The company is transparent about its pricing structure and works closely with clients to ensure that services are affordable and within their budget.

Phakisa’s Commitment

With a commitment to quality, innovation, and social responsibility, Phakisa Holdings is a trusted partner for businesses looking to optimise their operations and drive growth. Phakisa leverages intimate knowledge of labour law to avoid unnecessary disruptions caused by frivolous litigation.

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