Phakisa's Journey in Poultry


Phakisa's Journey in Poultry

Find out more about Phakisa’s journey in Poultry Below.

Poultry Industry Service Providers

Our Journey into the Poultry Industry began in December 2000 when Phakisa Holdings supplied approximately 850 temporary employees to one of the leading Poultry Manufacturers in South
Africa at their Rustenburg processing facility, for their weekend shifts.

In 2007 we became their preferred supplier for their inland operations. This opportunity expanded our footprint into the poultry industries complete value chain, including the agriculture, animal feed and logistics sectors.

From 2015 to 2018 Phakisa further extended our service delivery into food processing. We were fortunate to grow steadily year on year whilst maintaining our focus on service delivery. We were
also able to support several business units with contingency staff during industrial phases over the years. We are now proud to be their national preferred staffing service provider and actively manage a headcount of 5000 TES employees.

Poultry Sucess Stories

Another one of Phakisa Holdings proud stories started in 2004. We proceeded to became a strategic partner to yet another leader in the poultry industry. By 2009 we were supplying 2400 Temporary Staff to the group on a national basis.

One of our biggest success stories is the strike our client underwent in 2009 and Phakisa replaced, fed, housed, and facilitated recreational activities for 4000 replacement staff over 6 months. Our current headcount with the group is around 4000 temporary staff. We facilitate a payroll function
on their behalf of more than R26 million p/m.

Since 2021 we have extended our client portfolio to other major regional and national poultry producers, placing us firmly as the biggest staffing service provider in the poultry industry. We have confidence that our track record to date, 22 years worth of experience and expanded full-circle services basket, have fully equipped us to provide leading edge staffing services. Due to our vast footprint in the industry, Phakisa joined the South African Poultry Association as an Allied Member with effect from 1 April 2022.

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