Data-Driven Decisions for the Modern Workforce: Interviewing the Directors of EmployInsight Part 1

Employ Insight is a leading provider of psychometric testing and employee risk management solutions.
Data-Driven Decisions for the Modern Workforce: Interviewing the Directors of EmployInsight Part 1 - Featured Image

In today’s competitive job market, finding the right talent can make all the difference for a company’s success. But how do you ensure you’re selecting individuals who not only possess the necessary skills but also fit seamlessly into your company culture and contribute positively to the team?

This is where EmployInsight adds value. EmployInsight is a leading provider of background screening solutions, helping businesses make informed decisions in both pre- and post-employment to build a strong, productive workforce.

Data-Driven Decisions for the Modern Workforce: Interviewing the Directors of EmployInsight - Image 1

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with the Directors of Employinsight Insight, Erna Penning and Mariette Barends. We’ll delve into the world of human risk mapping, exploring how these services benefit employers and contribute to building a thriving workplace.

So, whether you’re a hiring manager looking for ways to improve your recruitment process or simply interested in the science behind hiring the best people the first time, this interview is for you. Let’s gain some valuable insights from the experts at EmploinsightInsight!

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Experience and expertise:

  1. Can you tell us about your background in human Pre-and Post Employment Screening assessment? 
    • Erna: I established a similar company in 1995 where the focus was to establish a background screening process palatable and affordable to the private sector, based on background screening practices in military and intelligence environments.
  2. What specific certifications or professional qualifications do you hold in these areas?
    • Erna: I have a Hons degree in social science, with a wealth of experience in Psychiatry and Psychometric testing. Furthermore, I did the necessary training and had experience in Employee Screening and Psychometric testing before starting a new company, Integra. All our consultants have at least a B degree and are proficient in conducting interviews with referees. We also conduct a 4-week of internal training to inculcate the red flags presented by white-collar crime and dysfunctional behaviour in the work environment. We did research on the profile of a fraudster in South Africa, together with a financial institution, the Department of Correctional Services and a university.
  3. Can you describe a complex project you led involving background screening and psychometric testing and the outcome? 
    • Erna & Mariette: To single out one project over the years is difficult as we treat each “file” with the same urgency and attention to detail as another. Some projects were to roll out 150 fingerprint devices nationally to a transport company and to get all users trained.  Another example was to test 4,500 SAPS recruits at the various training centres on the same day and to have all results ranked within 5 working days. Send about 180 candidates which were screened via background screening and psychometric tests (focussing on Integrity Tests) to Ireland for a specific project. Only one candidate attempted to steal money, whilst every candidate was working with cash every day for 8 weeks. About 40 candidates were employed in Ireland after the project.
  4. How do you stay up to date on the latest advancements in these fields? 
    • Erna & Mariette: We are a member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) in America. Although they have no jurisdiction in South Africa, they do have regular publications. The daily press provides us with ample examples where companies could have saved embarrassment and reputational risk if they applied a recommended process like ours. We also do a lot of reading on both areas and compare it with our process.
  5. How do you ensure the ethical and legal compliance of your testing and screening practices?
    • Erna & Mariette: It is imperative for us to be compliant with all regulations and legislations. Our process is fundamentally based on the candidate’s consent to obtain the relevant information. To ensure data security, we deliver our product only to authorised client personnel. All information resides within our secure INSIGHTS platform, which offers robust redundancy and facilitates both requesting actions and generating final integrated reports.

Services and methodology:

  1. Can you walk us through the different types of psychometric tests your company offers and their specific applications? 
    • Erna & Mariette: We are not linked to any psychometric house and can thus select tests to be applied on different levels and pricing. The value of psychometry is that it provides us with information which is otherwise not easily available. We prefer to conduct a battery of tests to ensure that we don’t discriminate against the candidate and give the client the best results. We prefer to test for Competency, Cognitive ability, Personality and Ethical behaviour in the work environment.
  2. How do you customise your testing solutions to fit the unique needs of different clients and industries? 
    • Erna & Mariette: We do not alter or customise any test. Tests are developed with a specific asset in mind. We usually have a brief discussion with our clients to understand their needs and then discuss the possible tests available to meet their needs/ give them a solution as well as the cost involved. We thus select the best test battery for a specific position and a specific Job description.
  3. What is your approach to ensuring the reliability and validity of your background screening?
    • Erna & Mariette:  Apply tried and tested approaches, use the best-trained staff, and select the test that aligns with the intended measurement. Since we started the business, we have never been in a CCMA case.
  4. How do you integrate the results of psychometric testing and background screening with other hiring and risk management initiatives?
    • Erna & Mariette: Let’s address the last point first. We are not involved with the client’s risk management initiatives. Our process focuses on the identification of the best candidate/s for the client to decide who to employ. In our recommendations we highlight the strengths and weaknesses and propose risk mitigation actions. Regarding the integration of the psychometric result and all the information collated on the candidates manifested behaviour is an art and not many people can do it – thus our secret!

Closing remarks

No silver bullet and no guarantees, except that you can trust us and the process that we follow. While a basic criminal record check may appear sufficient, it offers a limited view of a candidate’s suitability. Our comprehensive process delves deeper, increasing the likelihood of finding the ideal match for your needs.  By neglecting a more thorough approach, you risk overlooking qualified individuals and potentially exposing your business to unforeseen issues.

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