Managed Services Provider

Phakisa Managed Services provides strategic clients with a range of proactive and flexible business solutions such as contract management, turnkey project planning and implementation, non-core service provision, outsourced management and related fields of business management.

Bridging the gap between internal strategic capacity and the increased demand for digital transformation, Phakisa MSP solutions are designed to simplify and enhance management and operations for strategic clients through increased agility and scalability.

Taking into account the specific needs of each client’s industry and business, Phakisa Managed Services ensures globally consistent service level delivery and risk mitigation in support of real business outcomes.

Rather than a Temporary Services Provider (TES), Phakisa Managed Services is a focused business partner assisting a targeted array of clients to deliver the business outcomes each business demands, now and in the future.

Freight Management

Phakisa Freight Management Services, a leading provider of full-service logistics, offers strategically focused and seamless solutions to clients within industries such as FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

A robust logistics environment is enabled and supported through our on-time logistics solutions, freight clearing and forwarding for road, sea and air and clearance enabling.

The quality of service Phakisa Freight Management Services provides includes warehouse movement management processes and efficient contract logistics, resulting in satisfying client needs with both financial and service benefits.

Phakisa Freight Management Services also supports the road freight and logistics industry by operating as a TES (Temporary Services Provider) within the purview of the National Bargaining Council.

Technical Services

Phakisa Technical Services has dedicated and skilled staff who assess, plan, implement and manage services within civil and mechanical engineering and construction sectors which includes metals and engineering workshops and services while also drawing also on skills and expertise from related arenas such as telecoms, IT and contract management.

Affiliated to a division of the founding members of SEIFSA, the Constructional Engineering Association of South Africa (CEA-SA), Phakisa Technical Services plays an active role in the affairs of the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council, the Electrical Industries Bargaining Council and others.

Phakisa Technical Services aims to capitalise on new opportunities to delivery significant stakeholder value.

Corporate Services

Phakisa Corporate Services offers a fully managed and legally compliant solution in providing temporary staff to a wide spectrum of industries governed by the BCEA and several sectoral determinations.

Client companies range from JSE-listed user-enterprises to medium enterprises and include a fledgling SMME component in industries such as food processing and manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, tobacco manufacturing, timber and fertilizer, chemical and paint manufacturing as well as service industries like travel and hospitality.

Supported by our comprehensive services in this arena, our client companies are able to focus on precise execution of their core business strategy.

HR Solutions

Phakisa Placements is a trusted partner and market leader for numerous companies across South Africa, providing specialised recruitment and staffing services. Our national team of permanent placement consultants are devoted exclusively to finding the right candidate fit for our clients and facilitating good career development for our candidates.

Our established network provides the resources to identify candidates who meet our clients’ specific hiring requirements. Our candidate pool consists of thoroughly screened and competent personnel for a wide variety of positions.

We offer our clients a legally compliant, fully managed solution across industries for all categories and levels and own a talent database of approximately 15, 000 already screened candidates and have access to the leading career portals with over 4,5 million candidates.

Committed to transformation, skills development and job creation, Phakisa Placements provides meaningful employment in South Africa and contributes to the economy.

Payroll Administration

Phakisa Payroll Administration specialises in providing clients with a quality payroll outsourcing service that is designed to meet our client’s specific needs. Payroll services include weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll cycles and a comprehensive breakdown per employee.

We also provide a comprehensive tax year end function including all the statutory employer and employee information. Our outsourcing services will ensure that your payroll remains confidential and that all taxation is handled in line with current legislation.

Our continued success is based on a solid client base, proven methodologies and tools, and a sincere commitment to enabling our clients to focus on meeting their strategic goals.

Financial Services

Phakisa Financial Services provides a comprehensive range of advice and services relating to employee benefits and employee financial loans.

Focusing on aligning products and services with client needs, we provide solutions which include cellular phone and airtime contracts, medical aid, provident fund and group benefit scheme selections as well as an innovative personal loan facility whereby salary advances are granted to employees of our clients at a reasonable interest rate.

Phakisa Financial Services boasts a world-class call-centre facility which enables these innovative solutions and related support services for our clients and their employees.

Integrated Solutions

Phakisa Integrated Solutions offers a comprehensive organisational development consulting service with a keen focus on human resource processes and functions, managing all facets of the employer-employee relationship.

Our expertise encompasses the re-engineering of human resource functions, organisational restructuring, performance improvement and payroll realignment. We develop employment equity strategies, human resource policies and practices, culture change programmes and human resource information systems strategies.

Services related to employee relations include collective bargaining, discipline and grievance management, dispute resolution, litigation and contracts of employment.

We are well-versed in all statutory requirements and liabilities affecting the administration, payroll, leave scheduling and industrial relations and our service is strengthened by our infrastructure and support functions as well as a proven track record in change management.

Management Services

Phakisa Management Services serves as an internal facilitation company for the Phakisa Group, centralising back-office operations and eliminating redundancy. Phakisa Management Services provides consolidated business operations, services and consultation to allow our multiple client-serving entities to streamline resources and focus on activities that support each entity’s core business strategy.